Dollywood, Dollywood, Dollywood

DOLLYWOOD...The word that makes the phones light up every time it is said on the air. That is because EVERYONE wants to go to Dollywood, but did you know that you might not be doing all you can to win the family four pack to Dollywood and Splash Country? That's right...There are 3 different ways you can register, and you can try to win all three ways at the same time. That TRIPLES your chance of winning. So you probably want to know what three things to do. Well, here's how easy it is...


1. Call in when you receive the cue on air. This is probably the most difficult way to win. Not only do you have to be in the car at just the right time, but you also have to be ready to call. Even if you don't miss the cue because of your kids being loud in the back seat, and even if you don't have to dig through your purse to find your phone, this still isn't a guarantee of getting through. HOWEVER, you have to remember that every time, SOMEONE wins, and that SOMEONE could be you! Then you get to enjoy the pleasure of telling Ted all about who you are going to take to Dollywood with you or play "Getting to Know You" with Brad. So you can listen every week day from 5am-10am and 3pm-7pm. Oh yeah, and you might need this number...642-9858. Let the race to the phone begin!


2. Stop by and see J103 at a remote broadcast. So you can't get through on the phone? Well this way is much more simple. When you hear J103 broadcasting on location, that means we have Dollywood tickets present. And all you have to do is stop by, fill out a form with your name, and stick it in a registration box. Yes...that's it! And then at the end of the remote, we pick out one name, and you could be a winner that fast! Now you can just listen to J103 to find out when we will be out and about near you, or you can scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on the yellow and black tahoe. So come see us and just say, "I'm here for DOLLYWOOD!" 


3. Register online at or our Facebook page. Yes! Did you know you can register right here on this website or while your on Facebook? This is by far the easiest way to register for Dollywood tickets. In fact, you could probably be registered faster than you can finish reading this. Each week we give away a family four pack to Dollywood and Splash country to one person that registered on our website or Facebook. You can put your name in for this drawing once a week, which makes your chances even bigger! It's really easy to do. Just move your eyes up and a little to the right. See that tab that says "Dollywood Giveaway?" Click on that or search J103 on Facebook and let the winning begin!