How To Submit a Birthday
Brett Ritchey

So with the arrival of the new website, there are indeed some changes that have been made. One of the changes that we've received a few calls about is where can someone submit a birthday for the Morning Show with Ted? Glad you asked!

To submit a birthday for the Dairy Queen birthday cake giveaway on the Morning Show, follow the 'On Air' button at the top of the main. As you mouse over the button, a drop down menu will...well...drop down, and you can click on The Morning Show With Ted at the bottom of the menu. Scroll down the page past 'Today's Topics' and the 'Monday Morning Chuckle' video, and right there beneath the day's current birthday cake winner is the form to submit a birthday to the Morning Show!

For instant gratification, the link is included at the bottom of this article. Thanks for spending your time on, and thanks for listening!

Submit Your Birthday for the Morning Show with Ted