J103's Church of the Week
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J103's Church partner of the week is Heritage Fellowship Church of God.   They are located at  4635 South Lee Highway in Mc Donald, TN  Sunday school is at 10:00 am and worship is at 11:00am; "OneThing" prayer services on Sunday nights at 6pm and Wednesday night prayer and bible study at 7:00pm.  You will love Pastor Steve Gilbert and his wife Teresa.  They both have a passion for serving the Lord and ministering to God's people.  Their slogan is "a perfect church for people who aren't".  We realize that all of us make mistakes and need a place where we can meet caring people to help us get back on track.  If you are looking for a church that love the Lord, and not only has the joy of Him, but lives it and shows it...Heritage Fellowship Church of God is the place for you!  You can reach them at 476-6316, or visit them on the web at www.hfcg.org