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Our album of the month is What if We by Brandon Heath. What a fun album. It is one of the most rhythmic albums that I have heard in awhile. Actually, my good friend Brett just walked in while I was listening to the album and writing this article, and said, "That's groovin'." What a word to describe a song. It is a word that does not even show up on Wikipedia (except for a song by that name out of the 60's). However, somehow when he said "groovin,'" I knew exactly what he was talking about. So, I'll go with Brett on this one, "groovin'." What if We is an album on which you can expect to feel the beat. This is one of those CD's that, if you popped it into your car's CD player, could leave you looking a little foolish to those driving around you. You know what I'm talking about.  Some of these songs almost mandate a grin and some tapping on the steering wheel (if not fully-involved drumming on the steering wheel, requiring both sun visors to be lowered and used as cymbals). Oh yeah, did I mention that these songs house some of the most touching and compelling lyrics among current albums? Brandon brings a simple yet relevant message to Christian music listeners. 


Brandon says, "I wrote a lot of songs for this new record. 'Give Me Your Eyes' was one of the first that really stuck out. I co-wrote it with Jason Ingram, and musically, it has a hip-hop flavor to it. The song was inspired from the idea that every once in a while, God gives us His eyes. You tend to see a lot of different kinds of people in places like airports. Sometimes, usually only for a few moments, I feel like God gives me true compassion for those people around me. I think that the longer I get to know the character of Jesus, the more compassion I personally have for others. 'Give Me Your Eyes' is saying, 'Jesus give me your eyes so that I can see people the way you see people, so I can love people the way you love people.' One of the core goals of my ministry is focused on striking up conversations about social injustices around the world and being a voice for those who have often been silenced by poverty or lack of influence. I want to challenge people more. 'Give Me Your Eyes' does that. It is one thing to have compassion and quite another to act on it. Most times, it starts with the people around you."


Brandon also shares about "Wait and See," saying, "'Wait and See' is probably the most autobiographical song I've ever written. But I think that anybody can relate to this song, and be encouraged to know that God has a plan for us, even if we still feel like a failure at times. If we come to know Jesus as our Savior, He is going to change our hearts and lead us into a greater existence other than for ourselves. For me, the last verse of 'Wait and See' is really what my journey is all about: 'Now's my time to be a man, follow my heart as far as I can, no telling

where I'm ending up tonight.' Most nights, I am in a hotel room and I barely know where I am, but I know that I'm doing what I am supposed to be doing. I just have to wait and see what God is going to do with the rest of the story. I'm encouraged by what He has done already, but I know that the story will continue to unfold and I'll keep learning more about the purpose of my life."


What if We has all of the elements of a quality Christian album-the music is great, the beats are fun, and the lyrics are relevant and encouraging. Check it out.



This album is available now on iTunes, at, or in your local Christian bookstores.


Justin Wade

Music Director