When Will DC 'Talk' Again?
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When Will DC Talk Again?

DC Talk’s last album was a 10th Anniversary Special Edition Jesus Freak back in late 2006.  Their last studio album was Supernatural, released in 1998.  They have done some projects together since, but my question is, when will Kevin, Toby, and Michael realize that it is Time Ta Jam again?  I wonder what Mrs. Morgan has to say about?


TobyMac (tobymac.com) is currently on tour promoting his new album Tonight.  Kevin Max (kevinmax.com) just released a new single called On Yer Bike, available on iTunes (see more info below).  Michael Tait (newsboys.com) is the front man for the Newsboys and they are currently in the studio working on new album due out on July 13th.

When I asked B.  Reith, Gotee Records artist, if he has heard anything about DC Talk getting back together he said, “I would say they’re talking about it.  They’re discussing it, maybe 2011 with a question mark.  That’s my rumor”  Well that’s an awesome rumor, let’s get the bloggers spreading it!

When I talked to KJ-52 on the subject he responded, “Lies and rumors all from the liberal media!  I blame the liberal media!”  Really?  I was not aware that DC Talk made Keith Olbermann’s Countdown list.  I’m sure Mr. Olbermann thinks the government could form a better band.

Matt Thiessen, of Relient K said, “You know, I’ve been trying to talk Toby into it.  I’m  friends with a couple of those guys.  You never know!”   Matt sure seems to be building up the suspense.

Trevor McNevan of Thousand Foot Krutch (and FM Static) also commented on the chance of DC Talk getting back together, “Toby is a good friend of mine.  We’ve talked and joked around about it a bunch of times when we’re together.  He says someday it will happen but as far as when and where, (I got) no idea.”

When Jason Dunn of Hawk Nelson was asked if he has heard any rumors about DC Talk getting back together he said, “I don’t think I really have.  But if there were any rumors they were started by me!  I’ve always said they should do that.”  Maybe Jason was on The Countdown with Keith Olbermann?

You might think after getting some artists to spread a few rumors, I should put this to rest but I believe action should be taken to help bring DC Talk back together.  So I started asking these artists how they could help bring DC Talk back.
Jason Dunn gave me a creative and diabolic suggestion. “What you could do is get a really old school DC Talk song and play it like it’s a brand new single on the radio station.  Get it to every station.  Then it will become a huge song again.  At that point they would have no choice but to get back together and play it.”

Jason also had this solution, “or you could break up the TobyMac band and the Newsboys then tell them (Kevin, Toby and Michael) they have to bring back DC Talk.” 

I think Jason is on to something here.  Now the staff at CMSpin.com and I are solution minded and we would have sympathy for the Newsboys losing another front man.  So I made a few a calls and reached Ben Olin (former lead singer of This Beautiful Republic) and asked if he wanted the Newsboys gig and he responded, “LOL, oh yeah!”  He further mentioned getting the job might ruin his golf handicap and put his high score of Bejeweled Blitz at risk, but he’s willing to face the challenge.  Thanks Ben!

What about the Diverse City crew?  I really don’t have a solution for them.  We can’t solve everything but maybe Gotee Records has solo careers for them all.  They might know someone who has some pull there.


Now that we have a solution for the band to get back together we need a new record!  Trevor was excited about the idea of helping DC Talk put out a new album, he said “I would love to write a song for them.  That would be a blast if DC Talk put out another record.  Hopefully we could hook up on that tour!” 

KJ-52 has a very practical way to help out, “I’d be willing to carry Michael Tait’s Guns and Roses t-shirts.”  Nice suggestion KJ!

Matt Thiessen
has some ideas on how to get the album started, “At first they need to start with the concept of the album.  I think they should go back to 90’s rock feel and make a record that has got a little bit of Jesus Freak to it but you know, more current.  I think if they made an album like that they would all be really stoked about getting back together.”  Matt continued, “I’d help write some songs, and I’ll call Toby on the hour!”
When asking Kevin Max (formerly of DC Talk) if he has heard any rumors that the band will get back together, he responded. "Ummm no, but I was asked to form a band with John James, Mark Stuart and Steve Taylor called 'Audio News Talks’, I politely refused."

Kevin did however have a way he could help get the band back together, he said, "Rewrite 'I Luv Rap Music' - tentatively titled  'Ok, I Finally Admit to Kinda Liking Rap Music’ ”.  I am still not convinced Kevin. 

TobyMac was unavailable for comment due to his busy tour schedule. 

Michael Tait was unavailable to comment as well as he is hard at work on the new Newsboys album.

Kevin, Toby, and Michael definitely have the support of their peers and without a doubt their fans.  It’s Killing Me, it’s Gah Ta Be soon but as fans we will just have to take it Day By Day.  Come on guys, just Say The Words.  Bring back the crew! If you say No More, then So Help Me God!  Can I Get A Witness!?


Source: Rob 'Nappy' Blausey