You Are Changing Lives

"...right song at the right time...." "...uplifts my spirit...." "...encourages me and gives me hope...." These are phrases I have heard over and over during the past couple of weeks. In preparation for the J103 Spring Shareathon, I was given the task of going through each testimony we received at J103. I went through this process day after day after day after day, but the thing never got old. I would sit in the studio for hours listening to how God has used this ministry to change the lives of people all around us. 

I heard a man at the point of suicide that heard the "right song at the right time." One lady had just lost her dad, and she had to be the stronghold for her family in the hard time. She said the music "uplifted my spirit." A mom called in and said that the daily verse "encouraged me and my kids." Testimony after testimony came in about different ways that J103 has impacted people. For me, this was exciting to think that God chose to use me as a part of this ministry that is changing lives, and you are a crucial part to this ministry as well. 

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, J103 is asking you to be part of our Spring Sharathon. This is a chance for you to support J103's ministry to others, but more importantly, chances are that J103 has touched your life in some way, too. Would you prayerfully consider giving either a one-time gift of $500 or a monthly gift of $40. This is a tax-deductible gift, and your gift encourages other people to give. Together, we can continue the work God is using J103 to do. 

To give, you can call 893-6767 or (toll-free) 1-877-262-J103. You can also give online at Thank you for being part of what God is doing through J103.