Homemade Easter Fun!!!! Homemade Peeps-Chick On a Stick


Ready for some Easter Fun with your Kids? Let's make some Chicks on a Stick! (think homemade Marshmallow Peeps)

Slide a regular marshmallow, flat-side up, on a sucker stick. Halve another marshmallow and slide one half on top of the first marshmallow (round side up). Dip the chick into a bowl of water and then coat it in yellow sugar sprinkles (by rolling it in a separate bowl of sprinkles). Create the face by using round sprinkles for the eyes. These can be attached by white icing or edible adhesive. For the mouth use a heart shaped sprinkle turned upside down. For a tie you can use three chocolate sprinkles and adhere to the body. If you'd like to add feet use pink confetti heart-shaped sprinkles to the bottom.

Bunny Lollipops

To make the body, place one marshmallow flat-side up on a treat stick. Slide another marshmallow on top for the head. For the feet, cut one marshmallow in half widthwise and slide half on the stick under the body. Make a tiny cut in the middle of this half marshmallow and use white icing to attach three chocolate sprinkles onto each foot. With a black edible marker, draw eyes on the face. Use white icing to attach: Mouth: A red or pink confetti heart or round sprinkle. Whiskers: Two or three chocolate sprinkles on each side of the face. Ears: Using sharp scissors, cut one regular marshmallow in half diagonally. Roll the cut sides in sugar sprinkles. Paws: Two mini marshmallows and a sprinkle.

Lamb Cupcakes

Frost your favorite cupcakes in white. Cut a full-size marshmallow in half widthwise and attach cut-side down at center for race. Using sharp scissors, cut about two dozen mini marshmallows in half widthwise. Arrange these on the rest of the cupcake.

Ears: Cut a mini marshmallow in half and dip the cut side into pink sugar sprinkles. Attach with white icing.

Face: Draw eyes and a smile using an edible marker. Use icing to attach a pink confetti sprinkle for the nose

Feet: Use white icing to attach three chocolate sprinkles to two of the mini marshmallow halves that are near the cupcake wrapper.

(Recipes provided by Rosemary Black as seen in Relish Magzine, March 2017)

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