You can volunteer for Ironman 70.3 and help J103 earn a grant


Later this year we will be recruiting hard to get volunteers to help us repeat our "Best Aid Station" Award at the 140.6 Ironman. (Go ahead and mark your schedule for Sunday Sept 24th)

As a ministry we can't volunteer for the 70.3 since it is the day after Jfest (our staff will all be a little worn out!), but if we can find 20 or more people who are available that day to serve in one of several needs they have then we are eligible for a grant.

That's just like making a donation to the J103 ministry.

Check out the link will show you the current positions that need to be filled. When you sign up via the link it automatically registers you as a "J103 Volunteer" and we get credit for your days service!

All of the volunteer positions are great opportunities to be the hands and feet of Christ to these great athletes. It is an awesome day volunteering at the Ironman!

Thank You!

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