J103 Mission Trip: A Champion or a Mushroom


Last year, I had the chance to go on the J103 Mission Trip to Panama. This was my first mission trip that I did not speak the language of the people. I was humbled each and every day by my ignorance of the Spanish language, but I had so much fun. One day, I called a High School Boy, what I thought was a “champion,” but I found out by the smiles and laughs of all the other kids, I really called him a “mushroom.” Despite my lack of Spanish skills, speaking to an inner city school assembly through an interpreter was one of the most rewarding and at the same time most frustrating things I’ve ever experienced. Not speaking the language made it difficult to communicate exactly what I thought I needed to say, but how incredible to know that it was up to God what was actually being communicated.

We want to invite you to make a difference this year on the J103 Mission Trip. This is the perfect trip whether it is your first mission trip or you have have been all over the world. To find out more about the J103 mission trip, click here, or email fatima@j103.com

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