J103 Mission Trip: A God Appointment


Every year, I have the opportunity to lead a team of J103 listeners on a mission trip to a foreign country. Last year, we had the chance to make a difference in the country of Panama. One day, we went to an inner city school. Most of these kiddos lack attention and love at home and are dealing with so much chaos with their parents. Most all of these children have hard lives at home, as their parents are addicted to drugs, involved in gangs, or they are prostitutes. Their time at school is like a break and the school serves as a sanctuary. We spent time playing with the kids, sharing the love of Jesus and even passing out gospel tracts to the parents when they came to pick them up. There was a boy (11 years old) that was sobbing when we walked back inside from playing a game of football on their make-shift playground. I asked one of the missionaries what was going on. This boy shared that his older brother (21 years old) had been shot and killed the week before... so he was devastated. One of our team members was able to talk with him and share that his biological father had been shot and killed when he was about the same age. It was such a God appointment. He was able to pray and console him in a way that only someone who had been in his shoes could do!

This year, we want to invite you to join us on the J103 mission trip to make a difference just like this. If you want to find out more about the trip, click here, or email me at fatima@j103.com.

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