J103 Mission Trip: The Soccer Ball


A couple of years ago, I had the chance to go on the J103 Mission Trip to Panama. One of the greatest witnessing tools I saw while on the mission trip was a soccer ball. We were heading toward one of the schools in a remote area in the country of Panama, and we came upon these young boys that were in the field playing with a soccer ball that had seen better days. It was torn and ragged, and it was taped up. David our wonderful host got a soccer ball out of the back, went up to the guys that were playing, and showed them a few tricks (David wanted to be a soccer star). He gave them the soccer ball and then told the young guys that Jesus loved them. He proceeded to give them Bibles to continue encountering this message. This soccer ball provided the greatest witnessing opportunity that we had on the trip.

We want to invite you to go on the J103 mission trip, too! This year, the team is returning to the country of Panama in October. To find out more, click here, or email fatima@j103.com

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