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Maurice from Hope 80/20 - What do you do with the left-over candy?

If you’re one of the lucky one’s that have kids under the age of 12, and now facing buckets of candy in your house, what do you do with all that tempting candy? First thing you want to keep in mind is that we don’t want to upset the kids, by taken the candy and given it away, do we? If you do, you will be sending a message that says, sugar is bad for you and we, as a family, will not have it in our house. That message may not so bad, but the problem that the kids will be facing later in life, as they get older, is that mom and dad were such extremist about candy. Now that I am an adult, I am going to eat all the candy after Halloween just because I can!

After more than 3 decades of teaching in the wellness industry, I have learned and witnessed that when people can do something in moderation, their likely to succeed. Another word, when you say NO, I CAN’T your likely to fail. When you say YES, I CAN but not now, you are more likely to succeed long term. So how do we use that analogy in this situation
1. Take all the candy and divide them into 2 piles
2. In the first pile, using the sandwich size zip lock bags, fill up the bag halfway through with candy.
a. Store the bags in the pantry or somewhere were the kids can’t reach or have access to it.
b. Give them a treat once a day either after they finish a task that you’ve asked them to do, or after dinner.
c. It’s always to eat candy after the largest meal. Reason number one, is because you are likely to eat less. Reason number two, is because when consuming sugar after you’ve eating your protein, the body will not release as much insulin.

Take the other pile to work and leave it in the breakroom.

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