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All things work together for good, even the bad things

I am certain the most of you who read this blog will understand the message. There will probably be some that “aren’t there yet”, but will look back and remember this blog and say....”you know, he was right”.

This hall coat rack was built by Gloria and me. We gathered some old barn wood, and thought it would be nice to make something for our entrance way that we can hang our coats on when we came in the door, or when guests came over. Before we moved, it hung just inside our door at our old house. For the most part, it really didn’t have much hung from it. An occasional hat, that I would hang on one of the knobs when I came in the door, or a coat Gloria would hang on there, instead of putting it in the coat closet.

You’re asking, “Where’s he going with this???”. Well, we all have challenges and adversities in our lives. At that moment; they seem so devastating and earth shattering, that it’s hard to find the good through the bad. Our family has had quite a few over the years. As each one passed, I realized that we were getting stronger and wiser. You see, God says that if you love Him and trust Him...He can turn those bad things around for good. (Romans 8:28).

Not too long ago, our son went through a really bad divorce. I won’t share all the details, but at the time, we were all hurting, Zach especially. He’s staying with us for now, until he gets turned around. Every other weekend, we get special time with our two precious grandbabies. Aleigha is 7 and Hunter is 4. We raised our children, watched them leave home and start their own lives...and now it’s like watching our kids all over again...what a blessing. I’ve found myself accidentally calling Aleigha, “Lindsay”, my daughters’ name, and Hunter, “Zachary”...because they are so similar.

The reason we hung that sign and put “Family” on the front was simply to present to anyone coming in the door, that all who enter our home, we want them to feel like Family. When I walk by the stairs now, I see this...and it reminds me that God is real and how much He loves us. Our Family’s incredible, each one unique and beautiful in their own way, and when we are all together it’s like an amazing mosaic of specially crafted pieces of art that God created. He put them all together where they should be, to make a wonderful master piece.

No matter the storm, no matter the adversities, just trust God. He is bigger than any giants you will face in life. Remember His promise in Romans 8:28, and all will come full circle for you!

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