Halloween - A Mom's Best Guess


The holiday doesn't have to be scary.

**Danielle is one of our guest bloggers from our listening area, you can read more from her blog at A Mom's Best Guess.**

Can a Christian family celebrate a national holiday centered around candy, dressing up, and community? Yeah! Oh wait, no… because it’s called Halloween!

I’m not going to google the origins of Halloween. I could find out some dark things about Disney if I wanted to, but here’s the thing. The Guess Tribe celebrates happiness, togetherness, community, imagination, and joy on October 31. With Mr. Guess being a visionary, and our kids having individual big ideas for celebrations, our family has blended; paved our own way with family and neighbors alongside.

Halloween was the first holiday after my first husband passed away. Oh, how I needed a time to celebrate! That fuzzy, young half smiling Danielle was barely six weeks removed from tragedy, but clinging close to the one constant I cared for, my boy the Train Conductor.

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