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Easter Resurrection Eggs


A fun way to teach your kids the Easter story at home

I have taught kids Bible stories for the past twelve years, and there is nothing like seeing their faces light up when a story that they have heard finally "clicks." It is in those moments when I am reminded why it is so important to teach them the meaning behind the stories they have always heard. That's why I love teaching the story of Easter. If you are looking for an easy way to teach your kids about Easter this weekend, my favorite way to teach this story is with these Resurrection Eggs. You can use items around your house to teach your kids in a fun way.

Each of the twelve eggs includes one item that represents a part of the Easter Story. Once the item is discovered, each egg has a passage of Scripture that you can read to your kids. At the end, your kids will better understand the full story of Easter and its significance!

1. Palm Branch (Leaf): Matthew 21:8-9

2. Bread (Piece of Bread): Matthew 26:26

3. Silver Coins (Nickles, Dimes, or Quarters): Matthew 27:3

4. Whip (Rope or Leather Piece): Mark 15:15

5. Thorns (Thorns from yard): Matthew 27:28-29

6. Cross (Toothpicks glued together): John 19:17

7. Nails (Small nails or roofing tacks): Mark 15:24

8. Sign (Piece of paper with 'This Is the King of the Jews' written on it): Mark 15:26

9. Sponge & Spear (Toothpick with piece of sponge glued to the end): John 19:29, 33-34

10. Spices (Cinnamon and Cloves): John 19:40

11. Stone (Rock from yard): John 20:1

12: Empty: Luke 24:6-7

Enjoy the project, and enjoy seeing that moment when it finally "clicks."

Happy Easter!

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